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OAOA Principles of Officiating Course

OSAA/OAOA Requirement:
First year officials must complete within their first three years of officiating, a course or clinic approved by the OAOA Executive Board on basic principles of officiating.

Officials certified by the OSAA in 2005-06 or prior, and any transfer official previously licensed or certified by a State High School governing body are exempt from this requirement.

Class Scheduling:
Each local association is responsible for scheduling Principles of Officiating classes within their association. Contact your commissioner for details.

Association leaders: contact Debi Hanson for assistance with course materials and format.

Course delivery instructions

Sports Officiating 101 Handout

Sports Officiating 101 powerpoint presentation

Course Topics:
  1. Roles, Responsibilities, and Ethics
  2. Goal Setting
  3. Officiating Styles
  4. Communication Skills
  5. Building Confidence
  6. Developing ConcentrationM
  7. Anxiety and Relaxation
  8. Developing Decision-Making Skills
  9. Managing Conflict
  10. Fitness for Officials
  11. Legal and Business Issues
  12. Your Local Association
  13. Looking Ahead

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